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Shipping Information

How We Calculate Shipping and Processing Charges For Your Order

The Shipping and Processing charge is designed to cover costs incurred by 4 U Fashions Store for the services we provide that allow our customers the convenience of ordering from website and receiving home-delivery of our products. These costs include expenses incurred in connection with: processing your order in our Customer Service Department, packaging, shipping and processing the products you order in our Distribution department, receiving and processing orders occasionally returned to us and performing other support functions associated with these services.

As you shop our site, we give you an estimate of the shipping and processing charges for your order. We calculate this estimate based on shipment to addresses worldwide via the Egyptian Postal Service. At checkout, we calculate the final shipping and processing charges for your order based on the value of your order and how you tell us you want us to ship your order.

We start by calculating shipping and processing charges as follows:

  • Each "ship-to" address requires a separate shipping and processing charge

  • For each address, we calculate the shipping and processing charges based on the total value of your order as follows:


  • We have fixed shipping rate of EGP 40.00 for the Domestic orders. Most orders will be delivered within 1-3 business days.


If you have questions about how to calculate your shipping and processing charges, please contact us via our Live Help option or by  a ticket and our customer service representative will get back to you within 24 hours.